TONFONI Shippers of Fruits & Vegetables from Provence, France
TONFONI wholesalers of Fruits & Vegetables from Provence, France

shippers Fruits & Vegetables from Provence, France

Courgette zucchini from provence france
Courgettes zucchinis tonfoni
Courgette is like a small, dappled green, marrow. It is grown from March to October in greenhouses or open fields in temperate climates. Light and easy to digest, zucchinis are low-fat and wonderful vegetables used by chefs all over the world. Recommended in many diet menus, consumption is growing all the time.





courgette and zucchini varieties

Cora, Tosca, Seneca Zucchini, Diamant, Affrodite, Consul,
etc... all have their own, different, savours..

The local sunlight and clear air in the farmlands bordered by Carpentras, Apt and Salon de Provence, promote natural growth and ensure top quality produce..

As soon as the "courgettes" arrive at our centre, we check the quality and then carefully pack them by hand.

shippers courgette from provence france

All types of wood, boxboard and net packing are possible.




lettuces from provence france
shipper lettuces from provence france

Originating in Europe, lettuces are leafy vegetables with a wide variety of colours and savours. Best grown in open fields or under glass, lettuces prefer deep soil, water, clean air and the sunlight of temperate climates. In just a few years and thanks to the professional skills of our region's market-gardeners, lettuces have become the symbol of winter agriculture in Provence.




lettuces varieties from provence france

lettuce, batavia, endive, curly lettuce, scarole, cos, roquette, lolo rossa, rougette,

As a member of the "Les Belles Salades de Provence" producer group, we carefully select all the produce we sell and implement continuous plant health control tests on crops.

Lettuces Tonfoni

All types of Pack cello, Ifco/Bac chep and wood packing are possible. .




pumpkins from provence france

pumpkins Tonfoni from provence

Originating in India, pumpkins have been grown for centuries in hot and temperate climates all over the world. Today, the best known and most popular variety for cooking and decoration is the Muscade - a very large, orange red, round, ribbed fruit, with a smooth skin and a firm, juicy, pulp which melts in the mouth.





pumpkins varieties from provence france

- Whole pumpkins
- Pumpkin slices wrapped in shrink film

Our long experience has enabled us to perfect our preserving methods and develop long-term production quality by close relationships with our producers.


pumpkins shipper from france

All types of wood and boxboard packing are possible.





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TONFONI Shippers of Fruits & Vegetables from Provence, France
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