Shippers of Fruits from Provence, France
Shippers of Fruits from Provence, France

shippers Fruits & Vegetables from Provence, France

Melon tonfoni cavaillon
melon from provence south France
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Members of the cucurbitaceous family melons are vegetable fruit. They originated in Asia and subtropical Africa and have been grown since antiquity. Rich in mineral salts and glucose, melons can only be grown in at ground temperatures over 15°C in soils with good exposure to the sun. Planting starts in March and crops are picked from May to September.






melon varieties
- charentais
- brodés
- canaris
- smooth

melon provence trade mark

melon la tranche de meil melon rené flavien tonfoni melon from cavaillon
melon from provence tonfoni tonfoni cavaillon tonfoni melon from cavaillon provence

packaging shipper melon and fruits
All types of wood, boxboard, plastic packing are possible.


Grapes wholesaler and shipper
grapes chasselas, grapes lavallée, grappes muscatel and cardinal
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Originating in Greece, the grape, fruit of the vine, has been the symbol of the life and the art of living since antiquity. Eaten as fruit and drunk as wine, grapes are popular everywhere. Vines need bright light, heat and dry conditions to flourish which is the Mediterranean is ideal for their cultivation. Grape vines are grown in Northern areas like Britain and the Southern hemisphere.





grapes varieties from provence
- Chasselas
- Lavallée
- Muscatel
-  Cardinal

grapes trade mark from provence


grapes la grappe de miel

packaging grapes
Bois, carton, sachetAll types of wood, boxboard, and bag packing are possible.


fruits from provence
fruits from provence
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Other information: to meet our customers needs, and for the enjoyment of all, we also sell a wide choice of other produce - basically all the specialities grown in our area.

Always ask us for what you need. We will do our best to supply it.

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And many more...!


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Melon tonfoni cavaillon
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